EP25: Jim Reardon, Utah Friends of the NRA Foundation

June 23, 2017

In this episode, Lucas sits down with Jim Reardon, Utah field representative for the Friends of the NRA. Jim organizes 9 fundraising dinner banquets across Utah with volunteer committees that have increased over 50% revenue since last year. His passion for the NRA is obvious during our discussion and has a drive to build the NRA Friends organization across Utah. 

Topics covered:

  • NRA Foundation (501 C3) non profit

    • Volunteer committees... 
    • Where does the fundraising money go? Grants and funding
  • Utah Friends of the NRA Foundation
    • Daily activities as the NRA Field Representative
    • Chartered committees in Utah
    • Political climate in UT
  • HR 621: Utah transfer of Public Lands
    • Chaffetz & Zinke discussion
  • Hunting plans in 2017

If you are interested in joining a volunteer committee, you can contact Jim at (801) 436-4175 or by email: jreardon@nrahq.org

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