October 9, 2016

EP01: Archery Elk Hunt, Boots on the September Ground in Montana

In episode #1, the RnA crew lands in Polaris, Montana speaking with two of the RnA athletes Tyler Houston and Brandon Williams about their September fall archery hunt. As with all archery elk hunts, it comes with it's highs and lows. This trip was nothing short of that and some. We recap the events of our adventures and specifically discuss topics related to:

  • Elk behavior, elk talk, different sounds they make
  • Best time of September to hunt
  • Scenarios: Would you shoot a rag horn on opening day? 
  • If you could have one… Live and die by the bugle or cow call? Which one and why?
  • Speak to public lands falling into State management, and what that means for DIY hunters.
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