May 7, 2017

EP21: Brandon Williams, Public Land DIY Outdoorsman

We are fortunate to sit down with a friend of the RnA Outdoors Podcast, Brandon Williams. Brandon is an avid outdoorsman, but more importantly is newly wed, and soon to be a father of his first son. His passion for the outdoors and Public Land DIY hunting and fishing adventures is shown through his efforts to support conservation and the 2nd Amendment. This episode helps reinforce the importance of public lands and vitality of this natural resource.

Topics covered:

  • What shaped you into being an outdoorsman and why?
  • California Public Land hunting opportunities
  • Recent drought prior to this year and its effects
  • CA success rates and contributing factors
  • What drove you to start Public Land hunting and what makes you a successful hunter?
  • What are your tactics when hunting crowded Public Lands here in CA?

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