March 10, 2017

EP15: Corey Jacobsen, Dirk Durham, Donnie Drake - Elk 101 Trio

For the first time in podcast history, we were able to round up the Elk 101 trio and talk Elk during the Western Hunting Expo in SLC. Corey, Dirk, and Donnie have been hunting partners for many years and share some of their insights and tactics to getting it done in September. In addition, they enjoy jabbing each other a bit and laughing about times had in the elk woods. These guys emulate what a partnership should be in the backcountry and its obvious their passion for chasing bull elk in September.

Topics covered:

  • Where did the elk hunting passion start and why?
  • 2011 Extreme Elk Magazine (Dirk): Part of the initial plan? Gateway to bigger projects?
  • What was the driver to starting Elk 101?
  • What’s in the pack? What can’t you live without in the back country? Elk calls?
  • 2016 Fall Hunting Recap:
    • Idaho, New Mexico (w/ Randy), Isaac’s hunt,
  • Future projects or releases from Elk 101?
  • During application season, what plans are you making for fall 2017? Points based or OTC?
  • Scenarios and tactics:
    • 1pm, calm mid-September day, take a nap or hunt? Why?
    • Bull hung up at 100 yds and won’t move, do you close the distance? Bugle? Cow call?
    • Hunting an area with heavy predation, how do you approach strategy & calling tactic?

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