February 22, 2017

EP13: Alex & Johnny Thomson, Eland Safaris of South Africa

After gorging on elk meat, venison, and red wine, we sit down with Professional Hunters Alex and Johnny Thomson who own and operate Eland Safaris located in South Africa. They offer world class accommodations for those looking to book an African safari of a lifetime.

Topics covered:

  • Where is Eland Safaris located in proximity to Africa?
  • Discuss the process of booking a hunt--- how to book, lead time, preparation, travel arrangements (best travel times), FNRA events
  • Traveling w/ Firearms, Scopes, Cameras (serial # items) – US Customs/Border Pro (4457)
  • What can someone expect during their hunt --- species, habitat, topography, accommodations
  • What is the most coveted species of animal to hunt in Africa?
  • Is poaching an issue in the Limpopo area? What is the targeted species and why?
  • What services does Eland Safaris offer for both hunter (archery vs rifle) and non-hunters
  • What happens with the meat? Is it prepared during the stay? Donated locally?
  • Taxidermy – where do the trophies go and what is the timeframe to get them completed?

You can contact Alex at: alexthomson@mweb.co.za and Johnny at: johnnythomson@mweb.co.za or online at http://www.elandsafaris.co.za.

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