February 3, 2017

EP11: Dan Adler, Diamond Outfitters of Arizona

Our guest today is a TV personality and co-host of the Petersen Production Best of the West TV series on the Pursuit Channel. Dan Adler is the owner/outfitter for Diamond Outdoors in Arizona and they kill some monster animals year after year. Dan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to elk and coues deer hunting and speaks nationally at hunting conventions all over the US. He is a veteran of the USAF where he was a Captain and served for 10 years as an officer.

Topics covered:

  • Diamond Outfitters story… Background, services provided
  • What areas/units does Diamond Outfitters guide in AZ? Species offered? Trophy class?
  • Application season… What is the best unit for elk in AZ?
  • Best of the West shooting systems
    • What is your role at BOTW? How did you get involved?
    • Best caliber for long range shooting, deer, elk, larger game?
  • 2016 Hunting Season Recap and forecast for 2017
  • 2017 Trade Show circuit - Where will Diamond Outfitters be?

You can contact Dan at: DiamondOutfitters@gmail.com or online at http://azdiamondoutfitters.com.

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