January 11, 2017

EP08: Jason Quick, California Mule Deer Hunting unit G3, Part 1

In episode #8, we sit down with Jason Quick and his family to discuss the coveted G3 Mule Deer unit he drew after 15 years of applying as a max points holder. We recently spoke with Jason (two part series #3/4) where we spoke about his planning and preparation for this hunt. This podcast was recorded at Ray's Den Motel off of the 395 corridor in Independence, CA. We are also joined by Brandon Williams (friend), Daniel Quick (nephew), Ron Quick (brother), and Tony Quick (father).

Topics covered:

Recap scouting thus far… Shooters?
Deer hunting in CA… G3 – Goodale Deer unit, length of season Dec 3-18
Tag allocations and trophy class, draw percentages
What gear is in his pack (rifle, optics/tripod, camo)
Conditions/weather, deer behavior thus far
You can contact Jason at: JQuick@nrahq.org or online at http://fieldreps.nra.org.

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