June 23, 2017

EP25: Jim Reardon, Utah Friends of the NRA Foundation

In this episode, Lucas sits down with Jim Reardon, Utah field representative for the Friends of the NRA. Jim organizes 9 fundraising dinner banquets across Utah with volunteer committees that have increased over 50% revenue since last year. His passion for the NRA is obvious during our discussion and has a drive to build the NRA Friends organization across Utah. 

Topics covered:

  • NRA Foundation (501 C3) non profit

    • Volunteer committees... 
    • Where does the fundraising money go? Grants and funding
  • Utah Friends of the NRA Foundation
    • Daily activities as the NRA Field Representative
    • Chartered committees in Utah
    • Political climate in UT
  • HR 621: Utah transfer of Public Lands
    • Chaffetz & Zinke discussion
  • Hunting plans in 2017

If you are interested in joining a volunteer committee, you can contact Jim at (801) 436-4175 or by email: jreardon@nrahq.org

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