July 25, 2017

EP27: Micah Brown, Ramcat Broadheads

The most accurate, deepest, penetrating broadheads in the world. That's right, Ramcat Broadheads 'Hit like a ram and Cut like a cat'. In this episode, Lucas phones in Micah Brown to have a pointed discussion about the broadhead that is changing the game. If you have not heard of Ramcat, this show will give you an in depth analysis and technical specifications to help you make the 'Ramcat Leap of Faith'.

Topics covered:

  • History of the Ramcat Broadhead
  • Technical Specs: design, blade types, spin tests, steel material
  • Broadhead types: 100 gr. vs 125 gr., Original vs Diamondback
  • Field testing, experiences, field point accurarcy
  • Where to purchase? Reputable deaers, MAP pricing

You can contact Micah at: m_an_b@hotmail.com or (916) 342-3400

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