April 7, 2017

EP18: Jason Carter & Adam Bronson - Epic Outdoors

Coming to you from the 2017 Western Hunting and Conservation Expo, we catch up with Jason Carter and Adam Bronson, partners of Epic Outdoors in Cedar City, UT. Both are very skilled Western Big Game hunters with large resumes when it comes to Mule Deer and Wild Sheep. Jason has devoted his life to research and scouting, which has enabled him to harvest 16 bucks over 200” (4 between 237”-271”). Adam has worked as a wildlife biologist, professional hunting consultant, and is a licensed big game outfitter. He is also the current President of Utah Foundation for North American Wild Sheep (FNAWS). This is a fun epidsode where we share laughs, stories, and straight talk Western Big Game.

Topics covered:

  • Start Epic Outdoors, what was the reason behind another membership service?

    • What sets Epic apart from your competitors?
  • OTC tags available
  • What is the best state to hunt Mule Deer?
  • What is it about Mule Deer for you that drives your passion for this species of animal?
  • How do you measure success? --- Inches of bone? Multiyear chase? Older age class?
  • 2016 Hunting Season Recap
    • Nevada 216” Buck
  • What do you have your sights set on for 2017?

You can contact Jason at: jason@epicoutdoors.com and Adam at: adam@epicoutdoors.com or online at www.epicoutdoors.com.

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