March 28, 2017

EP17: Jim Sessions, Huskemaw Optics & Best of the West

We take a break from the busy Western Hunting Expo to speak with Jim Sessions, vested partner of Huskemaw Optics which is based out of Cody, WY. Jim also is a field host for ‘The Best of the West’ TV series on the Pursuit Channel (Long Range Hunting Authority). He was born and raised in Wyoming where he has remained in the outdoors for most all of his life.

Topics covered:

  • Passion for DIY Adventures and what led you to success with Huskemaw
  • The concept behind ‘The Huskemaw Advantage’, what sets this product apart from competition
  • Best of the West shooting systems:
    • Breakdown the system, capabilities, limitations
    • Discuss how the system is manufactured, bullet match, optics (turrets)
  • What is the biggest variable when shooting long distances? Wind/Thermals? Mirage? Steady rest?
  • Best caliber for long range shooting
  • Explain difference MOA vs Mil… What does 1 MOA signify at 100 yds?
  • If I have a base model 700… Discuss the makeover process and can you build a 1000 yard shooter?
  • Upcoming Huskemaw events (June 10-11, Cody)

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