April 16, 2017

EP19: Krimson Trail, Kodiak Safaris

Kodiak Island is rich in history, beauty, and is home to adventurous outdoor activities as well as plentiful wildlife. It's also home to Kodiak Safaris who offers some of the best Sitka Blacktail Deer hunting in the world. Krimson Trail and her parents own a hunting & fishing lodge in Larsen Bay, which is a small village on Kodiak. They provide both commerical fishing, crabbing, and hunting services for all species on Kodiak.

In addition to her passion for the outdoors, Krimson has started her music career with recently releasing her song release of Elements which can be found on all her social medial feeds and website. Find her video here: https://youtu.be/_JlvDqGbOpw

You can contact Krimson at: krimsonmusic@icloud.com or online at http://www.krimsonlive.com.

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