March 18, 2017

EP16: John McGannon, Wildeats Enterprises Game Chef

Most all of us hunt for the meat and the experience, and that experience continues in the kitchen. Wild game chef John McGannon shares his insights on field preparation to tablefare of wild game. We talk about bourbon, bacon, butter, bratwurst, and Habanero Teryiaki Honey Saki Soy Glaze...

Topics covered:

  • Where did your passion for cooking come from?
  • What is WildEats Enterprises? Background, journey (opened 13 restaurants, rubs & seasonings
  • Publications: RMEF Bugle (Carnivore’s Kitchen), MDF (Cuisine Elevation), Outdoor News (Taste of the Wild)
  • What is your favorite game meat to prepare?
  • Dry aging meat… What’s the science behind this tactic? How long for various meats?
  • Is it better to sear meat and cook quickly or slow cook low temp over time?
  • Temperature Awareness: Why is this important? Optimum temperature for cooling?
  • Where can someone get these fine products? Retail locations

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